It’s #LonVMUG Time again Again

The 2nd #LonVMUG is nearly upon us (Thursday 17th May 2012), the agenda has been decided and it looks to be a cracking one again.

The #LonVMUG is being held at The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 33 Queen Street, London, EC4R 1AP


Session information for the day

Trend Micro
Stephen Porter – Using vShield to Drive Efficiency and Costs Savings
Most organisations do not have a specific security strategy for virtualisation and are using
the same technologies and practices as they did for the physical environment. However,
there are key differences between traditional “physical” computing models and virtualised
computing models. This presentation will look at an organisation’s journey to the cloud and
the different security challenges along this journey, from a system, application and data
perspective. It will then take a look at how organisations address those challenges for
virtualised desktops and datacentres, while achieving greater operational efficiencies and
better resource utilisation.

Liquidware Labs
Dan Falconer – Desktop Transformation with Liquidware Labs
Upgrading To Windows 7 or VDI? Liquidware Labs Desktop Transformation Suite supports
your PC upgrades to Windows 7 or your move into virtual environment.

Solving VM Storage Cost and Performance Challenges with VM-aware Storage
As virtualization becomes the new normal, every aspect of IT is adapting to virtualization.
However, general-purpose shared storage – designed 20 years before VMware popularized
server virtualization – is poorly adapted to virtual environments. Traditional storage
architecture is designed around LUN or volume containers and lacks visibility in to the VM
layer. As a result, VM storage can drive 60% of the cost of a deployment and creates
substantial management complexity.

Tintri will discuss how VM-aware storage – a new type of intelligent storage designed
specifically for VMs – can dramatically simplify VM operations and provide cost-effective
performance for the entire virtual environment.

VMTurbo Lab
This session will introduce you to the breakthrough technology that drives VMTurbo
Operations Manager. Through hands-on lab exercises, we will examine how VMTurbo
assures application performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.
We will also explore how you can run simulations that enable you to plan for workload
fluctuations and hardware migrations.

Peter Holditch – Climb the Stack and Pimp your Cloud with VMware vFabric
Find out how VMware’s vFabric product portfolio can empower and accelerate your end
users with capabilities such as self-service database provisioning and automated creation of
entire application test environments and hear how your in-house java developments can
make best use of your virtual infrastructure with elastic high-speed data storage and VIaware
application hosting.

Hugo Phan – The vCenter Appliance
This session aims to provide a quick overview of the vCSA, how to set it up, best practices for
deployment, connecting to external databases and using it with vCloud Director, SRM and
VMware View.

Community Speakers
Darren Woollard – Over to You: Design Me a Highly Available Virtualised Infrastructure
This session will introduce a fictitious scenario and the audience will participate in designing
the highly available solution to meet the needs of the application. We will follow this on with
a lunchtime white-boarding session for those that wish to participate further.

Ricky El-Qasem – Writing VMware Apps for Novice Programmers
This session will run twice during the day and will be an interactive session with our resident
community VMUG member, Mr El-Qasem

If you haven’t managed to attend any VMUG’s I would definitely recommend that you do so because it’s a great way to network with like minded peers and attend some very well delivered presentations.


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