VMware ThinApp Bootcamp

31st October 2011 0 By Simon

After the earlier success of the VMware View Bootcamp back in July this year, VMware are releasing a new Bootcamp based on VMware ThinApp, this Bootcamp will be covering the use, deployment, and optimisation of VMware ThinApp.

Topics covered over the 6 days are :-

Day 1 – ThinApp Design Best Practices

  • Speaker – Ray Dusseault, VMware
  • This session provides an overview real world best practices surrounding the new ThinApp Design Process along with a basic timeline for the ThinApp Plan & Design engagement.

Day 2 – ThinApp Implementation Best Practices

  • Speaker – Ray Dusseault, VMware
  • This session provides an overview of the latest ThinApp Strategy, methodology and real world Implementation best practices.

Day 3 – ThinApp Performance Enhancing Techniques

  • Speaker – Dean Flaming, VMware
  • Common tips, rules, basic troubleshooting procedures, and suggestions used to help enhance performance of ThinApp packages, including pre-capture settings, post-capture clean-up, deployment options pros and cons, and environment configurations.

Day 4 – Scripting within ThinApp

  • Speaker – Dean Flaming, VMware
  • Understanding the basics of scripting within a ThinApp environment including use of the callback functions as timing mechanisms, additional options available by admins, and how to implement a scripted solution within a ThinApp packaged application.

Day 5 – Isolation Modes Explained

  • Speaker – Travis Sales, VMware
  • Isolation modes are at the heart of the abstraction layer within ThinApp. We will explore their uses and and how to adjustment them for optimal application compatibility.

Day 6 – AppLink Fundamentals

  • Speaker – Travis Sales, VMware
  • AppLink enables you to package, deploy, and update component pieces separately while keeping the benefits of application virtualization. This session will explore AppLinks use scenarios and uses cases.