1. Hi,

    Does it mean you’ll test it again in your Home Lab NAS/SAN Shoot-Out?
    By the way i’m waiting for the next parts! 😉

    • Hi Nico,

      Thanks for the comment, if you have a look at the front page of my site you will see my recent comments (and some test results) for FreeNAS 8, I have to warn you, it’s not pretty.

  2. Hi,
    Just read it. I tested freenas 8 before release (one of the first beta) and after less than 30 minuts I scratched the install because it was lacking some very basic feature (like NFS share…) It seems it evolve a bit but not enought…
    I’m waiting for your review of NexentaStor as it’s my favourite for now.

    • I should have the review of NexentaStor out over the next couple of days.

      I am disappointed with FreeNAS and Openfiler at the moment, actually at the moment the only solution to really impress has been DSS v6.

      • What i liked in NexentaStor is the realy good ZFS implementation, Zraid is realy wonderfull, even on system disk. But it need high specs and particulary lot of memory. I tried to boot it from a mirror of standard usb key on an AMD64 3000+ with 1Gb of RAM and it is so slow… Poor usb stick performance of lack of RAM, i don’t know but will keep trying. But just unplug a stick and it keep working (and booting).

        • I have installed NexentaStor and like you have been impressed with it, testing on that platform is currently on hold due to an issue with one of my other devices.

          Also have a look at OpenIndiana and Napp-It if you like ZFS but are looking for further feature sets not available in the version of ZFS implemented in NexentaStor.

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