Iomega IX4 Remote Access – Update

24th February 2011 0 By Simon

An update to my previous post.

Having purchased the subscription for the TZO Remote Access for the NAS device I eventually had to open a support call with TZO because the SSL certificate still wasn’t downloaded to the device.

The only way that I actually managed to get the device to re-enable Remote Access was to completely wipe the unit, thereby returning it to factory default, that’s ok if it’s a new device and doesn’t contain data but when you have 4tb of data on the unit it starts making life a little difficult (luckily for me the IX4 is my backup unit, it stores replicated data from my old Terastation unit), with a little bit of worry I wiped the unit and started from scratch.

Having the all clear from TZO that the certificate had now been issued by the supplier I was advised to reboot the NAS unit, I did that and all of a sudden my URL was coming back a being secured (yay). I now just needed to import the data from my Terastation again… 🙁

Jump forward 3 weeks, in those three weeks I have had countless emails from my NAS telling me that it was having issues with the TZO client not being able to confirm the external IP address for the unit, it as concerning as I had already port forwarded 443 via my router to the NAS box.

A little further investigation and some minor changes appear to have resolved my issues (I used to get emails 5 or 6 times a day, so far in the last 14 hours I haven’t received any so fingers crossed). The cause? Well to try and speed up my data transfer across my switched network I had enabled jumbo frames as well as bonded the two interfaces together (jumbo frames enabled on the switch and NAS), disabling both appears to have fixed the issues, at the moment I want to leave it for a couple of days before I start trouble shooting to see whether it was the bonded or jumbo frames that did it but my gut is going with jumbo frames.

So far all is well and good (I can tell you that jumbo frames improved the data sync by about 2 days).