Iomega IX4 Remote Access…. or not!!

1st February 2011 0 By Simon

The Iomega IX4 is a handy little unit that comes bundled with a whole load of loveliness, well actually it would do if the loveliness actually worked correctly.

Over the weekend I purchased a subscription from TZO to allow for remote access to my IX4 8TB unit. Included in that purchase was a 1 year SSL subsciption for the domain name, unfortunately said SSL certificate has never downloaded to the NAS. I am now in the position where not only does the NAS throw up errors all the time but I also can’t actually re-enable Remote Access on it.

Everytime I try to enable Remote Access using the Paid Subscription (Already Own) settings the NAS will just sit there with a processing screen. A support desk entry over at TZO resulted in a reply and the ticket being closed (even tho the email asked me to reply to them when the NAS had been rebooted) and it left me with the task of wiping the NAS again to see if that allowed me to configure Remote Access again.

I am currently left with a NAS device that’s trying to rebuild the Disk Structure (clearing the config on the unit) but unfortunately that appears as if it’s going to take days to complete.

Overall I am not that impressed with the Iomega NAS line, so far I had my first unit turn up DOA, the second one wouldn’t let me upgrade the disks (I know, it’s not factory supported anyway) and now the 8tb unit won’t actually let me enable Remote Access successfully. The only time it did work over the weekend (with the certificate error) the device kept stalling when trying to remotely access a 50mb file (whereas using the same net connection on a WHS server allowed the file to be retrieved very quickly (I love my 50\5mb Up\Down speeds :D)).