Netgear GS724Tv3

23rd December 2010 0 By Simon

I had been looking for a new switch to use in my home lab, I needed something that could handle jumbo frames as well as vlan’s, it also needed to be larger than 8 ports as I have a large number of machines that would be connected to it.

I had initially looked at the Linksys (Cisco) SLM2008 with the idea that I would link them together but decided against that when I saw that there were some deals to be had with the Netgear GS724Tv3.

After some searching online I managed to find one for £150 inc shipping so I snapped it up.

Within 30 hours I had it delivered to me 😀

This will be set up over the next couple of days and will replace my existing switch infrastructure (a Netgear 8 port Prosafe Un-Managed switch).