Lenovo TS200 Server Memory

5th December 2010 0 By Simon

I was reading Simon ‘TechHead’ Seagraves blog a few months back, he was reviewing the Lenovo TS200, because of that review I decided to purchase 4 of them for my own virtualisation lab, at the time I also purchased 24gb of Lenovo ram for the servers, the idea being that I would put 24gb in each box. Not wanting to spend the huge sums of money for Lenovo memory I thought it would be a good idea to buy similar ram (after all, DDR3 ECC ram should be the same.. shouldn’t it?).

Having scoured ebay for several months I found some DDR3 ECC ram that I purchased (expensive but a damn site cheaper than the Lenovo options which are approx £200 per 4gb stick :(), procrastinating a bit I didn’t build up any of my servers for months and it was only after talking with Mike Laverick that I discovered there was potentially an issue with the TS200’s not accepting all kinds of 4gb DIMMS. So during last week I started unboxing my servers and putting my new ram into them, unfortunately I discovered that what Mike said was true and I now have to sell my old useless (to me) Micron 4gb DDR3 dimms and try to save up some money for the very expensive Lenovo branded dimms (16gb per machine now instead of 24 due to the huge expense :().

That will teach me to not properly research my servers correctly 🙁