vShield Endpoint – Not applicable to ESX version below 4.1 Patch 3

19th June 2013 0 By Simon

Came across a little issue today when trying to install the vShield Endpoint on to a number of our ESXi hosts today, with the hosts evacuated I clicked on the vShield tab to install the Endpoint onto the host and came across the message “Not applicable to ESX version below 4.1 Patch 3”, strange as we are running ESXi 5.1 on the hosts Smile.

A little digging found this VMware KB article, it turns out that the issue at hand was that the vShield Manager web interface needed to be restarted to refresh the console.

To resolve this issue, disable and then re-enable Web services.

To disable and re-enable Web services:

  1. Log in to the vShield Manager virtual machine using your admin credentials:
    username: admin
    default password: default

  2. To enable root privilege, run this command:
    en <enter>

  3. Enter the admin password again.
    Note: Use this privileged command only under the direction of VMware Support.

  4. Run this command to configure the terminal:
    conf t <enter>

  5. Run this command to disable the Web services:
    no web-manager <enter>

  6. Wait for a second or two and then enable the Web service using this command:
    web-manager <enter>

  7. Run this command twice to exit the system:
    exit <enter> and then exit <enter> again to log out fully.

  8. Reload the client to see the changes.