vCSA 5.1u1 Update in 7 Steps

In a recent post I showed you how to update your hosts from 5.1 to 5.1u1, whilst it was a nice and simple exercise you mustn’t forget that you also need to update your vCenter server (or in this case appliance).

Following the steps below you will now update your vCSA appliance from 5.1 to 5.1u1.

1. Take a snapshot of your vCSA VM, you want to do this in case you need to roll back the update for any reason.

2. Point your browser to https://<vcsa-ip-address>:5480 This will give you access to the vCSA administrator console.

3. Click the Update tab, then click the Check Updates button on the right, you’ll see that a new update is available.


4. Install the Update, this takes a while, in my case it took about 50 minutes so you may as well go away and do something else in the mean time.


5. Like with most updates you’re going to have to reboot the vCSA when the installation is complete.



6. Once the appliance is back online, go to the System tab and verify that you’re running 5.1u1 (


7. Once you’re happy that the appliance is running correctly you can consolidate the snapshot.


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