vSphere Web Client – What does it mean for the third party management app suppliers? – Update

27th August 2012 0 By Simon

Earlier this week I asked what it would mean for the mobile app publishers now that VMware had introduced a decent Web Client for vSphere 5, the reason for the post was because it looked like the web client would be all that was needed for the mobile user to manage their vSphere infrastructure, it turns out that I was a tad hasty in my view of the mobile app’s imminent demise.

Why I hear you ask? Well, the new vSphere Web Client is Flash driven and as such won’t work on a number of mobile platforms (especially now that Adobe have also removed it from the Google Marketplace as well). Now don’t panic too much because for all intents and purposes it appears that VMware have implemented this well, yes it sucks that this is on Flash and not something like Java but as most Enterprise desktops already have a flavour of Flash installed so it does mean one less application being installed on the desktop (and let’s be fair, the vSphere client does have a large-ish footprint).

I can’t comment personally on the usability of the new Web Client but come back soon for an updated view on it.