Top VMware Virtualization Blogs Voting Has Begun

24th January 2012 2 By Simon

Every year Eric Siebert from runs a vote for the top 25 VMware and Virtualisation blogs. As there now are over 180 blogs listed on the nominations list the vote has been increased to the top 50 blogs for the year.

The voting is simple, should take no more than a couple of minutes of your time and allows you to choose your top 10 favourite listed blogs. The scoring is such that a #1 vote gives you 10 points, #2 vote gives you 9 points all the way down to a single point for a 10th place vote.

The following criteria should be taken into consideration when voting.

  • How often do they post
  • How well are the posts written
  • How long are the posts
  • How long have they been blogging

If you like the content that I provide here and would like to cast a vote for my blog I would really appreciate it, the blogging is done because I want to do it but I hope you the reader also get something out of it.


Thanks for reading the blog and come back soon.