Configuring Openfiler 2.99 and ESXi to use iSCSI Storage

7th July 2011 0 By Simon

On one of the certification forums I post on I saw that one of the members over there was having some trouble configuring iSCSI on both Openfiler and ESXi, whatever he was doing wasn’t allowing him to allocate the storage to the ESXi server.

In these two videos I will demonstrate how to configure both Openfiler 2.99 and ESXi 4.1 so that you can present the iSCSI volumes as a datastore.

This first video shows how to configure Openfiler, this includes creating your raid array, configuring volume groups and volumes as well as network access.

Configuring iSCSI using Openfiler 2.99 from on Vimeo.

This second video shows you how to configure your ESXi server to use the iSCSI storage volume created in the previous video but these same steps are used to configure any iSCSI storage.

Configuring ESXi to use Openfiler 2.99 iSCSI storage from on Vimeo.