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I had planned on posting part 3 of the NAS/SAN article by now, unfortunately life got in the way of my testing. As it stands at the moment the article is on hold for a couple of weeks because of that.

I can however tell you that testing of NexentaStor has been problematic due to ‘issues’ with my hard drives. It appears that NexentaStor doesn’t like my drives, which is kinda strange because thorough testing using tools found in the PartEd USB key show the disks don’t actually have any issues, further more NexentaStor tells me I have issues with specific drives, but if I swap those drives out and put different drives in to the unit I am still advised that there are issues with them. As I mentioned however there aren’t any issues with the other drives and none of the other NAS/SAN software has reported any issues with these drives (I am currently doing some further testing with FreeNAS using the original IOmeter scripts as well as those used by Vladan courtesy of Didier).

More updates over the next couple of weeks.


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