Sorry for the lack of recent updates

29th March 2011 0 By Simon

My hardware raid controller (Lenovo branded M1015) simply isn’t recognised by OF or Freenas 7.2 and FreeNas 8 (RC2 and RC3) has a penchant for just crashing during the installation.

I have been toying with NexentaStor but haven’t been overly impressed with my SSD failing on it (the SSD works fine in Windows but fails under Nexenta), I have noticed that there were others experiencing the same issues with the OCZ Onyx 32gb SSD so I tried using an external SATA card.. which of course wasn’t recognised by NexentaStor, Solaris or Open Indiana, so that blew out my chances of getting the L2ARC working on any of them.

In the end I purchased an HP P410 Raid Controller, this is currently being shipped out to me and testing will resume.


As a side note I will be re-doing my initial tests as well because like a fool I ran the tests on an unaligned disk (now fixed) so I am expecting the results to change.

Another test scenario is going to be E-Open DSS 6 Lite, this is a 2TB limited SAN\NAS solution that has been around for a while and I am interested to see whether it offers any decent speed improvements compared to OF and FreeNas 8 (once released).