Iomega IX4-200d – DOA :(

5th December 2010 0 By Simon

So I received my new 2tb IX4 the other day and it wouldn’t stay powered on, I opened a call with Iomega support who sent out a new powersupply brick, before that arrived I purchased a new 8tb unit and used that power brick and low an behold.. a still (semi) dead IX4, it now powers up.. for all of 45 seconds at which point it flickers and powers down again.

As I purchased it online (ebay) I have sent a message to the seller letting him know I am not happy that I have a dead unit and want my money back (I can get a new unit for about £80 more than he sold this one for, even though it was described as new it wasn’t).

At the moment I am wondering if I made the right choice in buying the IX4, I can’t fault the customer services guys but it has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth where reliability comes in.