Bulk Windows / Linux VM Deployments via PowerCLI and CSV file

8th May 2016 5 By Simon

So I had to look recently at a mechanism that could mass deploy over 100 VM’s at a time, these had to be a mix of Windows and Linux, had to have the potential to include not only IP addressing but also creating a computer object in AD prior to VM creation and domain joining as well as templates, vCenter folders, Clusters and storage.

Having had a look around and there are a couple of decent scripts out there that could do that quite well so I had a closer look at a modified script by Juan Vidañez

I have forked his script on GitHub to allow it to function as I needed (pre-creation of Computer AD accounts in specified OU’s to ensure that when joined to AD the accounts were located in the correct location on first boot and wouldn’t have to be manually moved later on).

A quick trial deployment in my home lab was very successful with 24 CentOS7 VMs deployed (1.6GB thin provisioned storage), configured with DHCP addresses, individual names and pre-created AD Computer accounts, these were deployed and running in just under 6 minutes.