VCP-NV (VCPN610) Exam Passed

9th October 2015 0 By Simon

I first attended the VMware NSX ICM Course last year with the excellent Paul McSharry as my instructor, unfortunately NSX took a back seat as far as a technology stack was concerned so I kept putting taking the exam, then a couple of weeks ago I was given the chance to go on a refresher course and it gave me back the bug to sit down and study something with an intensity that I haven’t had for a while now.


Now by this time the VCP-NV exam has matured and there were a number of different study guides, I used the excellent guide from Rich Dowling as well as various #vBrownBag videos available covering the VCP-NV Exam BluePrint and not forgetting the excellent Pluralsight Videos covering NSX by Jason Nash.


I booked the older VCPN610 exam which contained 120 questions rather than the 2V0-641 exam which covers 85 questions because all the training I had done previously was done on the older 6.0 training material, however the old exam is due to expire at the end of November. The good thing is that everyone who passes the VCPN610 exam get’s grandfathered to the VCP6-NV.

All told I would say that I have spent the last month really pushing my revision to pass this exam, sure it’s only the VCP and I have to admit that some of the material was over the top for the VCP level exam but it does make me feel better for trying the VCIX exam sometime next year.

My advice is to definitely use multiple sources for training, use each to backup what you’re being told because you can never have enough reference points.