vRealize Operations Manager 6 – One or more ports are experiencing network contention

Having installed vRealize Operations Manager a couple of times recently in my home lab I came across an error that initially caused me to rip out the lab and build it again changing the way my networking was being done. Why? Well the following error was being presented to me when I logged in to the Operations Manager console.


In a home lab environment this confused me because, well it’s a home lab environment and there wasn’t a lot going on (I had 5 VMs running across three hosts at the time).


Looking at the Environment Health tab I could see that all of my Port Groups (across two different vSwitches) were showing an error, now on the original build out of my lab I hadn’t gone down the route of VLANs so had initially thought that the reason for the alerts were down to my storage and lan segments operating from the same switch were suffering contention, I hadn’t configured a secondary NIC for the management port group so decided to throw three NICs for iSCSI and two NICs for Management this time around.

After finally getting to the bottom of the issues surrounding my write protected SanDisk Cruzer Fit drives I managed to get vROps installed again and found I was still suffering from the same error message, this time around I knew it wasn’t my network as I had been monitoring the switch (a 2nd Netgear GS724T) for any dropped or errors on the device and there wasn’t anything showing up, I also kept an eye on the health check from the vSphere Web Client


Both the switch and the environment were showing to be working as expected, no alerts or alarms.

Having a lab environment at work I then decided to see if I experienced the same problems there as in my home lab, the reason for this is two fold, first of all it allows me to raise an SR with VMware if there is an issue in the lab at work and secondly it validates that my environment isn’t broken and that there could be something wrong with vROps.

Sure enough after installing a new environment at work and letting it run for a while I came back to it to also discover the same kind of error message, mind made up about this being a bug I raised an SR with VMware and they confirmed the following.

"The product management team confirmed that this metric is incorrect and as long as your environment is not showing issues, can be disregarded.

This alert is planned to be removed in the next release of Operations Manager 6.0.1"

So there you have it, this is a known issue and is due to be fixed with the next release of Operations Manager 6.0.1


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