Openfiler 2.99 RAID 1 Creation Fix

With the recent release of Openfiler 2.99 there has been an on-going issue with an inability to create certain software RAID arrays. This is present in the beta and final release of the software and was getting frustrating, however there is a fix.

If you are going to be installing Openfiler 2.99 and discover that you’re not able to create software RAID 1 arrays then the following will resolve that for you.

You’re going to need to launch a secure console to type in some command lines, to do that follow these instructions.

On the Openfiler Console, click on System.

Then click on Secure Console.

Choose your preferred connection profile (default is as above), click connect.

Enter the root password (created during the installation process) and this will launch the Secure Shell.

Now you need to type the following commands into the shell.

conary update mdadm=openfiler.rpath.org@rpl:devel/2.6.4-0.2-1

This will install the correct mdadm files, once installed type the next command in.

ln -s /sbin/lvm /usr/sbin/lvm

This ensures that the GUI is populated correctly.

This will then allow you to create all of the software RAID types without issue.



  1. Thanks to you and to osaca who referenced you in the openfiler forum

  2. Thanks a lot !!
    I was very disappointed not being able to create Raid 1 arrays.
    I hope this will be fixed in the next OpenFiler release…

    • If there is a next Openfiler release, to be fair with the retirement of the RPath Rbuilder project I wonder if we are going to see any more releases of Openfiler, after all it was rumoured that 3.x was going to be released years ago, instead we got 2.99 back last April and that’s not really been updated since. Infact in that time a couple of new products have released that look promising.

      I would honestly have a look at other products out there, even consider FreeNas now as the 8.02 release is actually pretty solid for me now (I had a lot of trouble with 8.00), also out there is Volker Theile’s OpenMediaVault which also looks promising (not installed or benched it personally but have followed his blog for a while since the split from FreeNas).

      What I am trying to say is that you’re not limited to OpenFiler, there are better products out there.

      • Hi Simon,

        Thanks for your comment.
        I already have a FreeNas server (7.2) but I wanted to build a new one based on Openfiler as I thought it was a bit more efficient and also because I know better Linux than BSD. However, I will test OpenMediaVault as you propose before deciding which system to use !

        • There is a world of difference between 7.2 and 8.0.2, I had also used 7.2 in the past and I have to admit that I am currently running FreeNAS now in my home lab because it’s getting to be better than OpenFiler.

  3. It did not work for me, however all I had to do to make RAID 1 work from GUI was to create RAID (fd) partitions on all my disk which I wanted to include in my array.
    Openfiler is a great project but still need some work. I’m very glad that I had a chance to use it.

  4. Bobby: Hello, I cannot run the system console due to certificate issues. I have done just about all I can do except for doing a system update. But I need to know which files to update. This is for school and we have to use the system console to run the command line to be able to create RAID configurations. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. No longer works as of 10/03/17 as the link is dead. Does anyone know of any replacement for Openfiler? I’m trying to create a RAID on a HP Storageworks with Fibre Channel HDDs.

      • Yes that’s the link I was meaning. I have Openfiler but it is old and outdated now and the web gui is horrendous. RAID 1 doesn’t work and obviously I can’t fix it, lol.

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